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Go therefore and make disciples...

Our Values

Our Mission

Prayer is the foundation of everything we do
God’s Word is our absolute authority
God’s holiness calls for and empowers personal and corporate integrity
All people matter to God
We will use all means to bring people to Jesus
Ministering in teams is preferable to ministering alone
Excellence honors God and inspires people
Pastors and church leaders mobilize, equip and release believers to serve in their area of giftedness
Life changing and loving relationships best occur through small groups
The Winchester Church of Christ in Christian Union exists today to live out the Great Commandment (Loving God) and the Great Commission (Loving People).
God has strategically placed us here to impact the tri-counties of Adams, Brown and Highland, our denomination and then the larger world.
The Great Commandment is accomplished through a balance of vibrant corporate worship, small group involvement and individual time alone with God.
The Great Commission guides us into an integrated plan of outreach, discipleship, equipping and lay ministry.

Our Vision

We envision our church family living in an atmosphere of adventure as we come together week by week to see God move in our midst doing in us and through us what only God can do. I see our church becoming a dynamic center of worship that is alive in the Spirit and responsive to the presence of God. This dynamic worship will be fueled by a combination of prayer groups and individual time alone with God. Corporate worship will also be supported by a network of Sunday School classes and small groups that will provide a place for people to belong and be connected with one another.

Our church family will be led by a leadership team that shares a strong sense of unity, purpose, focus, and intention. This team will spend time together in the presence of God seeking to discern the Lord’s leadership for each phase of our development as a church. As we work as co-labors with God the lives of men, women, boys and girls will be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. These changed lives will testify to God’s ability to produce fruit that will remain throughout eternity.

Realizing that the local church is the hope of the world we will provide our people with resources, tools, training and mentoring that will allow them to realize their true God given potential for kingdom involvement in ministry. This will produce a church that is healthy, mature, and fully functioning in biblical ways which will allow the Kingdom of God to come and His will to be done in our generation. Our church family will become a model of a healthy, mature, biblical church that balances outreach, discipleship, equipping and ministry. Clergy and laity will work side by side in a wonderful sense of unity, harmony and teamwork.
We dream of a church where children grow up with a first hand knowledge of who Jesus is and how to have a personal relationship with Him because biblical truth has been presented in a relevant way within an atmosphere of unconditional love. We envision a children’s ministry that is the highlight of a kids week.

We dream of an ever expanding number of teenagers who not only experience forgiveness from outward acts of sin but also inner cleansing from sin (carnal nature) and continual growth toward maturity in the faith. We envision growth opportunities where young people can experience nurture, cultivation and mutual accountability for spiritual formation. Young people will also be given opportunities for exploring their spiritual giftedness and God’s calling on their lives.

We are excited about the prospect of adults who are not only biblically literate but fully committed to living out the Word of God in their day to day lives. Men and women who possess a clear understanding of who they are in Christ Jesus. People who model the fruits of the Holy Spirit in a way that creates an appetite for spiritual things in those they interact with. Individuals who have received the fundamentals of the faith in foundational classes for new believers. Believers who have been discipled and equipped according to their spiritual giftedness for effectiveness in appropriate ministry settings. Christ followers who share their faith according to the style of evangelism that the Lord has entrusted to them. Christians who bring glory, honor and praise to the Lord by their lives lived on earth. Children of God who hear the words, “well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joys of the Lord prepared for you”, when it is time to give an accounting of their life on earth.

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