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First off, we just want to welcome you to W3CU!  We know that searching for a church home can be a stressful experience, but we hope that we can help answer some of your questions.  We probably won’t answer every question you have, so feel free to contact us at info@w3cu.com, calling the office @ 937-695-0025 or stopping in.  
We’d love to talk to you.

What to expect

Our Sunday Morning Worship Celebration kicks off at 10:00 am and usually lasts right at an hour and twenty minutes.  We are contemporary in our worship style and conversational in our preaching.  We believe Jesus is the fulfillment  to our lives (John 10:10) and all we do is pointed toward  helping  you find fulfillment in Our Father.  

What should I wear?

Clothes are fine, we don’t want anyone to have a recurrence of those horrible dreams from when you were a kid and dreamed you went to school without pants :).  Really, anything is fine.  You’ll see people in everything from jeans and a shirt to people who are decked out in their Sunday best.  We just love people whatever clothes they are packaged in.

What kind of music do you play?

We prefer not to focus too much on the type or kind of music that is played, but rather the message that is in the music.  It’s all about praising and worshiping our God through songs.  Sometimes that means a song that was written two months ago and sometimes that means a song that was written two hundred years ago.  

What about my kids?

We love to help kids experience the presence of God at W3CU.  The nursery is for children up to age 2 and is located in the Worship Center near the north-east entrance.  Our greeters are always happy to help people find their way around if you need help.  Children ages 3 to 11  have a safe and separate service across the street from the Worship Center in the Children’s Ministry Center called “Journeyland.”  We love to have kids in Big Worship too, if you want to keep them with you, no biggie.  It does take just a few minutes to get first-time kids signed in at Journeyland, so you might want to give yourself just a couple of extra minutes.  We are serious about keeping our little one’s safe, so you will also have to remember to pick them up afterwards, even if you’d like to leave them :)

How To Contact Us

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